Cost Estimation

Quickly and easily make a cost estimate

Every event is different. That’s why the costs of producing a live stream can vary greatly.

Use our cost estimation tool to make an estimate quickly and easily.

What’s the duration of your event?

To make a good estimate, we need to know how long your event will take. This time does not include our set-up and break-down time. Setting up takes an average of 2 hours, breaking down an average of 1 hour.

How many speakers will take part in the event?

It’s important for us to know how many persons will speak during the event.

How many people are speaking simultaneously?

The number of simultaneous speakers often determines the number of cameras required. For one speaker giving a presentation, two cameras are sufficient. However, for a talk show with a table of five people, 4 cameras are necessary.

Do you want your event to be broadcasted live?


Of course, we can stream your event live to all major platforms. But there’s also the possibility to just record the event. Such a recording is available almost immediately after the event, so that it can be shared and edited.

Is there a reliable internet connection available?

Internet available?

A reliable internet connection is essential for a livestream. We need a wired internet connection of at least 15 mbps, broadcasting over WiFi is not possible. When there is no internet available, we can bring our own connection.

If your event will not be broadcasted live, we do not need internet.

Do you want an extra professional look?

Extra professional look?

Some events require an additional step in terms of appearance. By means of lighting we can transform any space into a real TV studio. This way, we not only convey a message, but also ensure a dynamic and inspiring broadcast.

Do you want us to help in the creative production and preparation of your broadcast?

Help during preproduction?

Not only do we have experience in the technical realization of an online event, but we can also help during the creative development of your broadcast. This way we ensure that your goal is achieved effectively.

Is professional audio available?

Audio available?

If there is a professional, manned audio booth on location, we can most likely link the audio for the live registration to it. When there is no manned audio booth available, we bring the microphones and audio set-up ourselves.

Do you want to show videos, titles and other media during the broadcast?

Media Playback during the broadcast?

During the broadcast we can playback different media. Such as audio, video and graphics like titles and name tags.

The option to include presentations from your own laptop in the stream is standard.

Do you want us to develop graphic elements for the broadcast?

Graphic elements?

A visually appealing stream requires a number of graphical elements such as titles and thumbnails. We can design those elements in collaboration with you, but you can also supply these elements to us.

You can also contact us for extensive graphics such as animations, name tags, a countdown clock or videos.

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