Delftse Bedrijvendagen

On behalf of De Delftse Bedrijvendagen we provided the lobby stream for their 3-day online event, using two custom-built broadcasting studios.

From the first studio in the Auditorium of the TU Delft we broadcasted several keynotes by speakers such as Erik Scherder, Bas Haring en Maarten van der Weijden. This studio was built in collaboration with Starshow.

Extra special was the glass house built in the centre of the TU Delft Campus. From this unique studio the event was moderated using interviews and talks.

The setup in this studio consisted of 3 cameras, of which one was completely wireless.

We produced a total of 21 hours of live content in 3 days.

TU Delft Talkshow

In the TU Delft Talkshow, all TU Delft employees are kept informed of recent developments and the direction of the organization.

In collaboration with Studio Convex we took care of the entire production of the talkshows, of which two episodes have already been broadcasted.

We were also involved in guiding the organization to produce a broadcast that appeals to the intended target group. Springstof Media produced several videos for the broadcast.

This talk show used 4 cameras, a playout system for videos and graphics and a live connection to remote speakers via zoom. All from custom-built popup-studios on the campus of the TU Delft.

TU Delft Best Graduate 2021

On behalf of the Delft University Fund we were involved in the production of the online TU Delft Best Graduate Award Ceremony.

During this ceremony, 8 TU Delft alumni presented their graduation thesis.

The ceremony was filmed with 4 cameras, 15 microphones, playouts and a remote speaker from the USA.

Opening Academic Year TU Delft

On behalf of TU Delft, we were involved in the completely digital opening of the academic year 2021-2022. This ceremony marks the start of a year of education and research at the TU Delft.

We were involved in the technical realization of the show. During the show we used four cameras, including one dollytrack and one completely wireless camera. Together with the custom projection mapping and visuals of Studio Convex and the crystal clear sound of Starshow, we have created a dynamic and TV-worthy broadcast.

Librije’s Atelier Online

In addition to a lot of inconvenience, Corona also provided some creative ideas. For example, we built an online cooking studio on behalf of de Librije.

For this purpose, the vaulted cellar under the former prison in Zwolle was converted into a studio with full lighting and three remote-controlled cameras. Space was very limited, so creative solutions were necessary.

The studio is now fully operational and participants can join in the online cooking classes and tastings on an almost daily basis.

Sterk Techniekonderwijs LIVE

From September 2018, an average of 100 million extra Euros per year will be invested in technology education in the VMBO (preparatory middle-level vocational education in The Netherlands).

The national support team Sterk Techniekonderwijs helps schools and regions in making and implementing regional plans through support, data, inspiration, tools and information.

As part of this mission, the Streaming Guys produced a series of online broadcasts that provided explanations with practical examples.

The Streaming Guys were closely involved in developing the concept and executing the technical realization, design and content of the broadcast.

Various schools in the country where transformed into full television studios. Using four cameras the broadcast was directed into a live and interactive program. In addition, developed graphics, video playouts and a zoom integration were used so that guests could also participate in the discussion remotely.

Bouwen aan Sterk Beroepsonderwijs

The program “Sterk Beroepsonderwijs” works on the recognition of VMBO-MBO vocational education as education with perspective, that offers room for differences and that radiates pride in practice-oriented learning. “Sterk Beroepsonderwijs” focuses on a good and accessible range of VMBO-MBO in every region.

As part of this mission, the Streaming Guys produced a series of online talk shows explaining practical examples.

The Streaming Guys were closely involved in the technical realization, design and content of the broadcasts.

The talk shows were directed into a live and interactive program with the help of four cameras. In addition, graphics, video and a zoom integration were used so that guests could also participate in the discussion remotely.

AirBase 2020 – Airforce Base Gilze-Rijen

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the study association VSV Leonardo Davinci from Delft, Streaming Guys produced a livestream from Gilze-Rijen Airforce base.

Because a physical party for the association could not take place this year a collaboration was set up with Starshow and the Ministry of Defense, so Airbase could divert to this unique location.

Various DJ’s – including Mia More, Happy Feelings & Sax on Decks – performed for 5 hours, with historic planes as a backdrop and Apache’s and Chinooks flying over.

During the stream, clips were started that we recorded on the airbase ourselves and that were handed over by the Ministry of Defense, to give the special location even more context.

Delftse Daken DJ Stream

In July 2020, the Streaming Guys joined forces with 3 other entrepreneurs: Starshow, DJ J’oak and the Hampshire Hotel Delft Centre. Due to the Corona Crisis, all 4 companies weren’t as busy as they used to be, so we were itching to develop a new concept.

This is how our non-profit initiative Delftse Daken was born. A stream of an Artist on the roof of the Hampshire Hotel during sunset.

The event received more media attention than we expected. Among others, the Dutch papers Algemeen Dagblad, Delft op Zondag and Delftse Post wrote online- and printed articles about us.

The stream itself can be viewed to the left of this text.

TU Delft Health College

TU Delft Health College is a recurring event, in which current topics and developments in the field of healthcare are discussed.

The Streaming Guys register the event 4 times a year with a setup of 3 cameras and a live video director. We are also responsible for their YouTube channel and the accompanying graphic design. For example, we have developed the titles at the beginning and end of the videos to provide more recognition within the series of videos.

Health College features renowned doctors, scientists and engineers who conduct research in various branches of healthcare.

They are assisted by well-known Dutch people such as André Kuipers, Hugo Borst and Maarten van der Weijden, who have shared their personal experiences and views on healthcare in the past Health Colleges.